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deep learning

Important Deep Learning Algorithms

Before going to study about the deep learning algorithms, let’s understand what deep learning is all about. We will start with the definition of machine learning first, machine learning is described as a kind of artificial intelligence where computers learn
blockchain in banking sector

How Blockchain influences the Banking sector

Blockchain technology is gaining traction and changing the finance industry as we know it. Banks have long held on to traditional banking methods, but to survive in a digital future, they need to implement new banking technology. This is the
artificial neural network

How does Artificial Neural Network Work?

Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks We welcome you to the world of neural networks where you are going to learn them in and out. If you are a deep learning rookie, this post will inspire you to get started in

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What drives industrial IoT in 2018

The Industrial Internet of Things To describe why businesses should embrace the Industrial Internet, we must first consider what the IIoT actually is about. Industrial Internet offers a means to get better insight and visibility into the provider’s operations and
world of digital marketing

Evolution in the world of Digital Marketing

The world of digital online marketing has unquestionably evolved, we’re now in a different place than before. With social network climbing to be in the hands of many people throughout the globe, we might consider this to be among the