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chatbots for business

How to Choose the Right Chatbot Solution For Your Business

Now that you’ve taken on-board the popular advice and decided that, yes, you absolutely do need a chatbot, the next step is to pick the one that’s right for you. If you’ve heard of chatbots but haven’t taken action yet,

machine learning for business

How Machine Learning is helpful in reducing business problems

As the days get passed, we are seeing a massive increase in popularity for conferences, venture investments and queries related to business for machine learning. This seems to happen from a long time, for now, but most technology executives regularly


What drives industrial IoT in 2018

The Industrial Internet of Things To describe why businesses should embrace the Industrial Internet, we must first consider what the IIoT actually is about. Industrial Internet offers a means to get better insight and visibility into the provider’s operations and

social media strategy

Important tips to enhance your Social Media Strategy

Many companies nowadays build their online presence and reputation utilizing social media. The important reason is that social networks put you in direct contact with a lot of individuals. This way, businesses may have a two-way communication with their audience

blockchain in banking sector

How Blockchain influences the Banking sector

Blockchain technology is gaining traction and changing the finance industry as we know it. Banks have long held on to traditional banking methods, but to survive in a digital future, they need to implement new banking technology. This is the