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Top 5 Data related websites to Guest blog

Dataconomy Dataconomy is a Berlin hosted website for events, news and expert opinions mainly related to technologies which are data-driven.  This site focuses on Datascience, Machine learning, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Business intelligence etc. They accept articles on the above

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Using social media analytics to enhance your Business

Marketing has transformed largely in the digital era, with more impact on enhancing the reaching that a company has. Expanding this reach can lead to brand recognition, sales and overall trust of small and large company consumers. Social media is

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Influence of AI on Digital Marketing

From Apple’s intelligent assistant siri to self driving cars from Tesla to Google AI that can learn video games in a very short period, Artificial Intelligence is transforming industries one after other. The very next aim of AI would be

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Evolution in the world of Digital Marketing

The world of digital online marketing has unquestionably evolved, we’re now in a different place than before. With social network climbing to be in the hands of many people throughout the globe, we might consider this to be among the